Natural Rubber / Latex – Production of Natural Rubber Background Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia are the largest producers of natural rubber in the world. Figures from the World Trade organisation […]

Is Rubber Flooring Eco-Friendly?

Is Rubber Flooring Eco-Friendly? The ecological impact of rubber flooring is directly related to the type of rubber that is used. Understanding where it comes from, how it was manufactured, […]

Natural and synthetic Rubber

Natural Rubber Natural rubber is obtained from the milky secretion (latex) of various plants, but the only important commercial source of natural rubber (sometimes called Pará rubber) is the tree […]

Introduction Today, most fabrics are either knitted or woven. Woven fabrics take almost 60% of the total apparel and textile. However, textile goes beyond knitted and woven fabrics in reality. […]

Safest Non-Slip Rug Pads

Durahold rug pads vary in qualities and kinds. Choose yours based on if they are needed for tiled, marbled or hardwood floors. They are effective in forming a protective layer, […]

Glut In Natural Rubber Seen Shrinking As Prices Drop And China Car Sales Rise Natural rubber supplies ballooned in recent years as Asian producers cranked up the tree taps and […]

How latex is made

Background A latex is a colloidal suspension of very small polymer particles in water and is used to make rubber. Natural Dipped goods (medical and surgical items, household and industrial […]