Essentials to Take Care of Your Area Rug Pad

PremeireIt is not possible not to have accidents when kids are around. Or have a pet that would be careful with your rug. Or have a party that does not have a clumsy guest. When faced with such situations, accidents occur and then you are met with the difficult part: the removal of any sort of spots or stains and spills. These stubborn stains tend to be one of the most critical areas of maintaining a rug or carpet.
Thus, when we talk about rug/carpet care, the best option is to keep it simple. In fibers there is natural lanolin that gives natural staining repellency. However, maintenance of rugs is basically much easier to do: simple regular vacuuming, occasionally rotating the rugs and cleaning the spot immediately are few of the simple steps that will take care of your rugs.
Below are the few essentials while take caring of your area rugs:

Rug Pads: Underlay thick rug pads will keep your rug stable at a place while giving cushion to the walking feet. It also provides airflow that decreases any sort of moisture that has been built between the rug and the floor, thus increasing the life span of your rug.
Sunlight: Rugs thoroughly experience the testing of color fastness. However, direct sunlight or a constant one can fade colors of fiber over a period of time. In order to maintain the colors of your rug for a longer time, it is better to keep your area rug in a space that filters the sunlight through window coverings. It is also suggested to keep your area rug rotating periodically. This will make any areas that are fading less visible or noticeable to the naked eye.
Cleaning: This is one of the very important steps to do while maintaining your area rugs. A regular vacuum cleaning is an essential step. While vacuuming, start slow so it gives the machine ample time to lift the dirt from the rug.
Occasionally, vacuum the rug pad as well, especially the thick rug pads because at times the dirt actually gathers underneath after being filtered through the area rug. Also, it is better not to apply the beater bar as it will decrease the possibility of loops or ends that may be dragged by the rotating brush. If you find small pieces of loose fiber on your rug or carpet, there is no need to either get worried or panicky about it because the first few times of vacuuming will bring up little shedding which is normal.
Superior-Premium-Felted-Reversible-Dual-Surface-Non-Slip-Rug-Pad-76x96-P16189639Make sure you clean your rugs at regular intervals instead of waiting for the rug to be heavy in soil and dirt. This will actually increase the life span of your rug, resulting in the return of the investment you made on it.
To conclude, proper maintenance of area rugs improves the atmosphere as well as appearance of home interiors.

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